After completing his master's degree in bioengineering from Stanford University, James Clements was hired by the industrial design/engineering firm of Whipsaw in San Jose. He has been able to contribute to a number of interesting projects, and in early 2014 worked in China assisting one of the company's major clients.


Currently James is an Engineering Program Manager with Apple Computer (Hired July, 2014). More specifically, he is a manager in Apple’s bioengineering lab.


James completed his MS in bioengineering at Stanford University in December, 2012. He was one of two students to receive Stanford Bioengineering Fellowships. He worked with Dr Manu Pradesh on the development of medical diagnostic devices for use in developing countries.


He graduated suma cum laude from Loyola Marymount University with a BS in mechanical engineering. He also was the recipient of the President's Award, Honors' Society, Engineer of the Year, and several other awards. Specific accomplishments include those listed below.




  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation, September 2012
  • Stanford BioEngineering Fellowship, Stanford University, June 2011
  • Foldscope - Grand Challenges Exploration Grant, Gates Foundation, November 2012
  • Vodafone Wireless Innovation Challenge Winner, Vodafone Foundation, April 2012




  • Techniques for Standardized Imaging of Oral Cavity, US20130209954 A1, August 15, 2013
  • Optical Device, US20140368816 A1, December, 2014




  • Foldscope: Origami-based Paper Microscope, Cornell University Library, March, 2014
  • The Effect of Layer Orientation on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of a Polymer, The Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, August 2010
  • James states that his goals are to "Make cool stuff and Improve healthcare affordability and accessibility worldwide. He lists his specialties as : Product Development, Mechanical Design, Microfluidics, Design for Extreme Affordability, and Optics.


He is married, Father of one, and lives in the San Jose area.

1619 Edgemoor Lane  |  Everett, WA  98203  USA

   +1.425.418.8755  |  dan@e-clements.com