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This is a custom designed and fabricated pole rig for underwater photo and video housings. There are many uses for this type of rig: photographing marine life below the surface where photographers are not allowed in the water; shooting images where there is a high probability of risk to the photographer; photographing in shallow streams or water bodies.


In order for this to work with your housing, the housing needs to be able to support two ball mounts on top, or two tripod type screw holes on the bottom. Also required is a bulkhead that can be used to trigger the camera while it is submerged.


Measurements are extremely important, so please contact Dan directly prior to ordering.


$715 US.



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The John Marsh book is a historical fiction account of John Marsh's life. Marsh was one of America's early pioneers, and a founding father of the State of California. By Gary Wood and Dan Clements, 2015.



The Healing Hand, Five Discussions to have with the Dying Who Are Living 


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The Healing Hand, Five Discussions to have with the Dying Who Are Living, offers guidance and wisdom for those dealing with the end of life of a loved one. Penned by an author who accompanied her husband through his terminal cancer, it is a deeply personal and inspirational guide. By Sue Knight Deutsch, 2014.



The Bells of Texas


$19.95 US


The Bells of Texas is a historical account of one of the founding families of Texas, both prior to and after statehood. It is a remarkable look at a remarkable family, and how they worked and lived in the Austin area. By Gary Wood, 2013.



Critters, Creatures, and Kelp


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Critters, Creatures, and Kelp is a guide to underwater life in the Edmonds, Washington underwater park. There is also a discussion of the Park's founding and history. This is an excellent resource for new divers wanting to learn about underwater marine life. Proceeds benefit the Edmond Underwater Park. By Dan Clements, 2007.



A Birder's Guide to Japan


Out of Print


A Birder's Guide to Japan provides both casual and hard core birders maps, locations, and species for major birding areas throughout Japan. This book is of historical interest because is was either the first, or one of the earliest, books produced via desktop publishing. Dan was able to combine text, maps, and Japanese script into a book using Microsoft Word on a HP computer in 1986. By Jane Washburn Robinson, 1987.



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